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About United States of America

USA, the country which has experimented with democracy for more than 200 years is strong economically as well as culturally today with the base being the immigrants.

Why Study In USA

U.S.A. is a land of cultural and geographical diversities. It`s a society that is still absorbing immigrants, making it a very dynamic place to live and study. Studying in US will be a great experience as you will be able to share your knowledge with best brains and interact with communities from different sections of the society within campus. Your long-term career prospects will be enhanced and the experience will develop self-confidence, independence, and cross-cultural skills, which are sought after by employees world-wide.

Academic Excellence
USA has world`s top ranking Universities and colleges. It has one of the world`s finest education systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. The degrees that are awarded at graduate and undergraduate level are recognized throughout the world. US Universities will expose you to some of the most up-to-date developments in technology, being the hub of various technological developments. You will be able to meet, interact and even study, with the leading scholars in your chosen field

Educational Opportunities
Academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of a U.S. university. Higher education system has variety of subjects in every area of study. Being at the forefront of technology and educational techniques, US universities facilitate their students with the best possible equipment and resources. Opportunities are given along with flexibility to specialize in any subject of study and tailor your course work to fit your specific needs. Professor student interaction is quite informal, which motivate students and fosters a personal approach to the curriculum.

International Student Support
International students are most valued in U.S. universities as they bring new skills and ideas to the classroom. Most Universities in the US have international student associations which help foreign students to settle down in their new environment. Help will be extended in every step, from orientation programs at the beginning to assistance with resumes as you graduate. If you a graduate student, help will be extended by professors in the form of teaching or research assistant, which will help finance your education. This close interaction with the professor will prove useful in your future career and may give you insights into your field that would not be possible through course study alone.

Student Employment
As you begin to think about funding sources for your educational and living expenses in the United States, remember that you cannot count on working in the United States unless you have been granted a teaching or research assistantship. When you submit evidence of your financial resources, you cannot reply on potential income. The income on which you base your application must be assured, and it must be equal to or exceed the costs of the first year of your studies.

Immigration regulations are very strict with respect to working while carrying a student visa. F-1 status, which is the most common status for full-time international students, allows for part time, on-campus employment (fewer than 20 hours per week.) J-1 student status allows for similar employment, with similar restrictions, as long as permission is given by the exchange visitor program sponsor. Visit our working in the USA pages for more information on employment opportunities and restrictions for F1 students. M-1 visa holders for technical and vocational programs are not permitted to work during the course of their studies.

Jobs available on campus typically do not pay much, certainly not enough to finance a university education. Do not count on this kind of a job for anything more than a supplement to other funds.

Understanding the Education System

Primary School
Primary school consists of five years of education, from first through fifth grades. In all a child spends 6 years in the Primary School which includes one year in Kindergarten.

Secondary School
After the fifth grade, children advance to secondary school. Secondary school consists of a total of seven years, from sixth through twelfth grades, after which they are awarded the high school diploma.

Undergraduate School
The undergraduate school begins after completing 12 years of primary and secondary schooling. Foreign students who would like to attend an American college or university must have obtained qualification equivalent to an American high school diploma. An Indian student who has successfully completed class XII is eligible for the Undergraduate school in USA.

A student can opt for either a two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelors degree in a specific course of study. That specific course of study is called the major. Students are required to select (or declare) a major by their second year in the college.

Graduate School
Admission to a graduate school usually requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of undergraduate education. The traditional three year degree (BA, B.Sc, holders from India must complete an additional year of degree program for eligibility.

Graduate School Consists of:

-Master`s degree which is a two-year program. Students are sometimes admitted to a master`s degree program only if they have a bachelor`s degree in a closely related field. A student can change the majors (which he had taken in undergraduate school) in graduate school by taking additional basic courses for the new subjects. These courses are called Pre-requisite courses.
Certain courses of study (law, dentistry, and medicine) are only available at the graduate school level in America.

-PhD( Research Degree) is the highest degree awarded in research-oriented academic disciplines to prepare a student for University level teaching and research. It usually requires three to six years of full time study after the Master's degree depending on the course of study and the thesis that the student has selected. The thesis is a very intensive research paper that must be completed prior to earning the degree. Indian students with a Master Degree can apply for PhD.

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Academic Calendar

Fall Semester (September/October)
This is the main intake and almost all programs are offered at this times. More financial aid is also available for this semester and as funds are allocated for the entire year during this time

Spring Semester (January/February)
This is the mid-year intake. There is limited financial assistance available for this semester as most universities allocate funds to projects in the Fall semester.

Summer School (July)
Some Universities and colleges offer students the opportunity to develop their skills to highest possible level. A student can opt for summer programs to earn enough credits to fulfill pre requisite criteria for advanced courses.

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Region Northern America
Currency U.S. Dollar (USD)
Surface Area 9629091
Sq. Km.
Population 314659000
Population Density 32.7 / square kilometre
Capital City Washington, D.C
GDP (million current US$) 14119300
GDP per capita (current US$) 44871.8
CPI: Consumer Price Index 125
Temperature °C (min/max) 10.4/20.4
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