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Students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies in Turkey must have completed their secondary education in a high school or a similar institution in which the education is equivalent to that of a Turkish high school. Secondly, they must take the Entrance Examination for Foreign Studenst (YÖS) which consists of two tests. The first is the “Basic Learning Skills Test” which assesses abstract reasoning. The questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in English and Turkish. The second test is the “Turkish Language Proficiency Test” which assesses the candidate’s comprehension of written Turkish. YÖS is usually taken in June. Foreign students who wish to pursue their graduate/post-graduate studies in Turkey can apply directly to universities.

Entry regulations:
A foreign national needs a student visa and a valid passport.

Language requirements:
Language courses are organized for those who do not speak Turkish. In some Turkish universities courses are taught in English, French or German.

Following documents may be required to submit to the Admissions Office.

• International Student Application Form

• High School Diploma

• An Official Transcript

• Language Proficiency Score (The required score from language exams will still depend on the school to which applicant applies. Students who are not able to take one of the international language tests (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) may take the university's proficiency test upon arrival. Those who fail the proficiency test must take the Language program of the university before beginning the academic study. This preparatory year is not included in the total number of years of study required for graduation. For further information on application procedures please contact the Admissions Office of the respective university.)

• An Essay (Write a short essay explaining why you want to attend this school, what course of study you want to pursue, and your career goals.)

• Application Fee (The fee for each application ranges between USD35 and 100. This pays for processing your application and is non-refundable, even if you aren’t admitted to the school.)

• Any of the Following Certificates international students must obtain and submit to the school (required score from one of the following exams will depend on the school to which applicant applies):
• •YOS •SAT 1 (Scholastic Aptitude Test) • ACT (National College Admission Examination) •Abitur •French Baccalaureate •GCE, A level certificate (at least in two subjects) •International Baccalaureate (IB) •Mature Certificate •Tawjihi Examination held in Jordan and Palestine •Baccalaureate Examination held in Lebanon •Al Shahada-Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) Examination held in Syria • Gaokao held in The People's Republic of China • Diploma Debirestan and Pisdanesgahi held in Iran

Please note that YOS (International Student Examination) exam, of which scores are valid for two years, will be applied by some of the universities. They will prepare YOS on their own terms. The others might use a different set of admission criteria. Instead of YOS, they might ask the above mentioned exams. You should follow the latest announcements at or the official websites of the universities.

Please make sure to send your application to each university well before the application deadline.

Region Western Asia/ Southern Europe
Currency Turkish Lira
Surface Area 783562
Sq. Km.
Population 74816000
Population Density 95.5 / square kilometre
Capital City Ankara
GDP (million current US$) 614619
GDP per capita (current US$) 8215.1
CPI: Consumer Price Index 461
Temperature °C (min/max) 6.6/18.7
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