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Study Abroad ------------ The World is Our Class Room

It’s time to break the routine. Time to explore, engage with, and embrace the unknown. It’s time to challenge your perspectives, indulge your passions and discover new ones with Finance Links.

Our study abroad programs – based in more than 20 countries around the world – span more academic disciplines than any other international education organization. And by combining that coursework with home stays, internships and a variety of cultural activities, Finance Links offers you a uniquely immersive international experience.

Benefits of studying abroad

There are many personal benefits and ways to grow both professionally and personally if you choose to study abroad. In fact, choosing to study abroad can be one of the most enriching, fulfilling, interesting and educationally stimulating experiences of your entire life. In our world today, there are a variety of study abroad opportunities in almost every country, so studying in your dream land is easier now that it has ever been. Still need a few more reasons to study abroad? Check out the benefits:

Personal Growth

Globalize Yourself
While studying abroad, you will be given the opportunity to further your academic study in a foreign country. There are a variety of programs to choose from: some immerse you directly in a foreign culture and language, while others ease you into a culture shock with support services designed specifically for study abroad students. With so many unique programs, it may be easy to find a good fit for your personality and goals. Take this opportunity to expose yourself to the world. Branch out and learn about different places, different cultures and people. Not only could you surround yourself with a new network of global friends, but you may learn about yourself by indulging in a new and exciting lifestyle. Globalizing yourself may help you understand how you, as an individual, fit into this world.

Broaden Your Experience
It’s easy to have a limited view of the world we live in, but international travel can relieve you of this. You will learn how your home country fits into humanity, and through the eyes of a different culture, you can more precisely reflect upon your own culture. While learning another country’s traditions, you will understand the significance of keeping your own traditions alive while sharing them with others. During your time abroad, you may be presented with the opportunity to travel around your host country or neighboring countries – take advantage of this. Executing travel plans and seeing unforgettable sights may help you see the world through a new set of eyes.

Take the Challenge
Studying abroad comes with its challenges which directly relate to the benefits of studying abroad. No matter where you end up, you will more than likely be out of your comfort zone as you face obstacles like homesickness, spending and budgeting foreign currency and simply living in a new, unfamiliar place. These may seem like small feats now, but in retrospect you’ll be proud of the accomplishments you have overcome. You’ll most likely return home a wiser individual and ready to face any future challenges head on.

Professional Growth

Look Great in an Interview
Employers are often looking for students who challenge themselves and learn from their experiences. The experiences and wisdom you acquire while abroad can give you plenty examples and real life situations to integrate into an interview to better illustrate your strengths and work ethic. Your newly acquired personal growth and worldly knowledge will strengthen your cover letter as you head into America’s increasingly diverse workforce. Don’t forget to integrate your cross-cultural and international skills on your resume and cover letter too.

Discover a New Career Path
The experiences you take advantage of abroad can influence the rest of your life in regards to career goals. You will probably discover a newfound passion which could influence your major or career path, or maybe you will decide you want to work abroad or learn a new language. One way to maintain an edge over the competitive work force is to continue you higher education overseas. Maybe you will decide to study towards a master’s or doctorate degree abroad.

Gain Interpersonal Skills
Employers may be interested in your personal growth and interpersonal skills, so do not discount your abroad experience because you were not in a professional setting. Your expertise in cross-cultural and interpersonal communication may become an asset when working on any multi-cultural team in the professional world. Studying abroad also shows employers that you are able to adapt to new settings, and aren’t afraid of change.

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