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Requesting for the Application Form
You must start the application procedure at least 3 to 4 months before the proposed date of admission. There are two ways to get application forms.

-Requesting Application Form from University websites: Most universities have a form on their website which can be completed online to request application material.

-Many universities have a downloadable and ready to print versions of their application forms on their websites. They can be used for applying.

Assessment for International Qualifications
When applying to Colleges and Universities in New Zealand, ensure that the course and the Institution you are applying to is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority(NZQA).

NZQA offer 3 types of assessment for international qualifications:
1. Pre-assessment Result (PAR)
2. International Qualification Result (IQA)
3. Overseas Study Assessment (OSA)

To start an application for an IQA, click on the link, Apply for an Internal
Qualification Assessment (IQA) application.

However if you choose to return your hard copy application in the post,allow extra time for NZQA.

You can enter up to 5 qualifications. Start by searching for qualifications currently listed in the NZQA database to pick from.

Before applying for an assessment of your qualifications, check that your qualifications and/or the awarding body or institution is either accredited by the national accrediting body in the country of origin, or is internationally recognised under a multilateral-governmental accord or convention (such as is the case with many maritime qualifications for instance).If NZQA is unable to recognise your qualification(s) because of a lack of accreditation by a national accreditation body or recognition under a
multilateral-governmental accord or convention, NZQA will issue you an International Qualification Assessment report in which your qualification(s)will be disclaimed, and your application fee will not be refunded.

For More info: click here

Main Exams

It measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills " listening, reading, writing and speaking " for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication.

For More info click:

National Certificate of Educational Achievement
The common entrance standard in New Zealand (also known as University Entrance or UE), students who have met them are eligible to enrol at a university.

To meet the common entrance standard a student must achieve all of the following:

-A minimum of 42 credits at level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework, including a minimum of 14 credits at level 3 or higher in each of two subjects from an approved list of subjects, with a further 14 credits at level 3 or higher taken from no more than two additional domains on the National Qualifications Framework or approved subjects.

-A minimum of 14 credits at level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau on the National Qualifications Framework.

-A minimum of 8 credits at level 2 or higher in English or Te Reo Maori; 4 credits must be in Reading and 4 credits must be in Writing. The literacy credits will be selected from a schedule of approved achievement standards and unit standards.

It is possible to meet the common entrance standard without achieving NCEA Level 3. It is also possible to achieve NCEA Level 3 without meeting the common entrance standard.

NCEA Level 3 is generally completed in Year 13. It requires 60 credits at level 3 or above plus 20 credits at level 2 or above. To achieve NCEA Level 3 and meet the common entrance standard a student must gain the required credits and fulfill all the requirements listed above.

University of Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge International Examination (CIE) candidates presenting A or AS levels must gain a minimum of 120 points on the UCAS Tariff and a minimum grade of D in each of at least 2 subjects equivalent to subjects in the approved list, plus a minimum grade of D in one further subject either from the approved list or related to a domain on the National Qualifications Framework. A candidate with 3 subjects as described who has not reached the 120-point minimum may include points from any one additional subject available for CIE.

A CIE candidate with an E grade or better in AS English and a D grade or better in IGCSE mathematics will be deemed to have satisfied the literacy and numeracy requirements of the university entrance standard. (Any mathematics taken at AS level will also satisfy the numeracy requirement. IGCSE mathematics is the minimum acceptable and corresponds approximately to NCEA level 1.)

Documents Required

You need to Provide the transcripts of the qualifying examination from the issuing authority like the Principal or the Head Master of the School/ College attended.

Do also mention the education system being followed in the school/ college last attended. If incase the number of years fall short of the required qualification you need to cover that year of education through a foundation course.

Evidence of Funds to Support your Stay while in New Zealand
Evidence may include:

-Enough money held in New Zealand by you, or on your behalf,

-An undertaking by another person to cover your accommodation and living costs (New Zealand Immigration will want to see this before you leave for New Zealand).

-An undertaking by a New Zealand sponsor to cover your accommodation and living costs, or

-Financial assistance available to you under aid programmes operated by a government agency.

Police Certificate
You must provide police certificates if you are 17 years of age or over and you are intending to stay in New Zealand for 24 months or longer.

Certificates are required from:

-Your country of citizenship (unless you can prove you never lived there).

-Any country you have lived in for 5 or more years since turning 17 years of age.

For More info click:

Work Experience Information
Original work experience information is required from all applicants. NZQA
needs this information because:

-Work experience is a component of, or prerequisite for, some New
Zealand qualifications;

-Work experience is relevant to professional registration is some
professions; and

-NZQA needs to see whether your qualifications were obtained through part-time or full-time study

Please list all work experiences that relate to your qualifications. NZQA need to see original supporting documents showing your name, your employer`s name and address, the position held, a description of your duties and the
dates you held the position.

References usually contain this information. If there is not enough space on the application to include your work experience, you should include a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV, resume or bio data).

A clear description of your work duties and responsibilities is particularly important if you have vocational or trade qualifications.

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Region Oceania
Currency New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Surface Area 270467 Sq. Km.
Population 4267000
Population Density 15.8 / square kilometre
Capital City Wellington
GDP (million current US$) 116835
GDP per capita (current US$) 27384.4
CPI: Consumer Price Index 127
Temperature °C (min/max) 10.2/16.3
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