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Visa Process

Process to obtain Italian Student Visa for international students Every Foreign student intending the study in Italy must obtain a Italian student visa before entering into the Italy.

In order to assure a timely processing of visas, the student (or his/her parents on their child’s behalf) should begin the visa application as early as possible but no sooner than three months prior to the program's initiation.We strongly recommend that students mustn't wait until the holiday period to go to the Consulate. Not only can the wait be lengthy, but it also makes the turnaround time for visa issuance longer than usual.

Students should contact your nearest Italian consulate and follow the directions for obtaining a student visa.

The visa will not be issued the same day; the process can take up to 60 days. Italian institutions will provide the necessary Letter of Acceptance, Letter of Enrollment, Insurance Letter and Course Schedule to complete your visa application materials. Student visas will be issued only for the length of time you are enrolled in the program. Only a visa issued for study purposes is valid for your final enrollment at an H.Ed. institution in Italy. No other type of visa will be accepted. Therefore you have to apply to the competent Italian diplomatic authority and ask for a study visa in your name. The competent Italian Embassy/ Consulate is the authority responsible for accepting your pre-application and checking if you meet the requirements for the visa.

The study visa will be issued only against demonstration that you:

1. Have a suitable accommodation in Italy.
2. May dispose of enough financial means to support yourself.
3. are entitled to medical care in Italy.
4. Possess the amount of money necessary to travel back to your country, or have already purchased a valid return-ticket.

Stay Permits (non- Eu citizens)
First issuing Within 8 days from arrival, all non-Eu citizens who hold a study visa for Italy must apply for a stay permit for study purposes. The stay permit is issued by the local police station (Questura - Ufficio Stranieri) of the applicant's place of residence in Italy against presentation of:

• a valid passport bearing a study visa for Italy.
• proof of enough financial means to support herself/himself.
• a document giving evidence of her/his right to medical care in Italy.
• When candidates to matriculation decide to move, even if temporarily, to another Italian city (e.g. to attend programs in the Italian language), within 15 days they will have to apply to the competent police station (Questura) to report their change of address.
• Those students who leave the Italian territory are allowed to enter again only if they already hold a stay permit.

After matriculation, and at least 30 days before the expiration of their stay permits, all non-Eu students coming from abroad have to apply to the Questura for such permits to be extended for the whole year. On the occasion, each student must demonstrate to have the necessary financial resources to support herself/himself, a certificate of enrollment issued by an Italian H.Ed. institution, as well as to meet all the other requirements needed for the issuing of the stay permit. Both study visa and stay permits are renewed to the students who have passed one exam in the first year of their degree programmes, and two exams at least in the following years for the earning of such a credit number as determined by the institutions.

The stay permit may be renewed also to a student who has passed only one exam against documentary evidence of a state of very poor health or of other serious reasons. All that without prejudice of the dispositions concerning the global number of possible renewals; in fact, stay permits cannot be issued for more than 3 years beyond the legal length of the degree course concerned (Art. 46, § 4 of the Presidential Decree No. 394 of 31st August 1999).

Region Southern Europe
Currency Euro (EUR)
Surface Area 301336
Sq. Km.
Population 59870000
Population Density 198.7 / square kilometre
Capital City Rome
GDP (million current US$) 2112780
GDP per capita (current US$) 35289.4
CPI: Consumer Price Index 122
Temperature °C (min/max) 10.6/20.3
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